Anne teki Olkkarin nettisivut ja ollaan oltu niihin tyytyväisiä. Homma toimi hyvin ja Annella oli selvä visio, millaiset sivut olkkarille sopii. Yhteydenpito toimi hyvin whatsappiin luodun ryhmän kautta. Sivujen valmistumisen jälkeen Anne on päivittänyt sivuja ja homma on toiminut hyvin.

Eppu & Noora

Baarin omistajat, Kokemäen olkkari

I was the lucky person who got Anne as er accountability buddy during an online training for aspiring Virtual Assistants. I could not have gotten a better partner. Anne keeps what she promises: she’s trustworthy, super reliable and very motivating. She proves to me every time that she has everything you need when you are looking for a Virtual Assistant.
She has an eye for details and is always learning and improving to give her customers the best possible version of herself and offer the best available services. If you hire Anne as your Virtual Assistant, she will not disappoint you and you will not regret it. She can only make your life and business better and give you the necessary time and space you need. So don’t hesitate!

Monika Rabensteiner

Virtual Assistant, Moni rocks your socks

Anne on idearikas ja rohkea kokeilemaan uusia toteutuksia palvelujen järjestämisessä. Työelämä on muutoksessa ja Anne ajan hermolla. Suosittelen yhteistyötä!

Raija Viskari

Projektipäällikkö, Helsingin kaupunki

I´ve worked with Anne when she was a secretary in the city of Helsinki, department of social services and healthcare. She assisted me in many ways, for example with bills and human resources things. We worked physically in different places, but it was always easy to get contact to her via email or mobile.
Anne is a reliable person and willing to help with different kind of asks.

Tarja Näkki

Human resources planning manager, Helsingin kaupunki